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Innovator's Edge is the top destination for the insurance industry to discover and connect with insurtech startups. Innovator's Edge features a comprehensive, continually updated directory of 886 insurtech startups. The Exchange platform within Innovator's Edge uses advanced technology to connect participating insurtech startups with incumbent insurance providers and deliver more detailed information on those startups, creating an efficient online marketplace for insurance innovation.

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How It Works

What you can expect when you enroll in Innovator's Edge Exchange as an insurtech

  • Build a company profile that provides details on your solutions and capabilities.
  • Set your marketplace preferences to define what you offer the insurance market and what you seek from it.
  • Complete the Market Maturity Review.
  • Be discovered by incumbent insurance providers.
  • Track your engagement.
  • Build your business relationships and accelerate your visibility.

What you can expect when you enroll in Innovator's Edge Exchange as an insurance provider

  • Refine your search for innovators and insurtech solutions.
  • Prioritize your solution and capability needs and interests.
  • Learn more about potential insurtech partners.
  • Conduct baseline due diligence.
  • Connect with precision.

Who do we serve?

The Innovator's Edge is designed for:

Insurtech startups

Traditional insurance companies

Investors and VCs


Consultants and advisors

Technology providers


Others aligned with insurtech

Brokers & Agents

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